B.K.Das has specialized in Heat Transfer & Thermal Engineering and is identified as a person closely associated with the Boiler Industry since the advent of three pass shell type boiler in the late fifties. His tryst with Boiler Engineering had started in Ruhr-Gebiet, industrial hub of Germany, in 1958 as a Boiler Designer.

Technology starved Indian Boiler industry had attracted him & brought him back home to introduce German technology in India. Basic concept of three pass boiler was a concept of making boilers in a package construction & thus ready for installation. With a very high rate of fuel saving, the product caught the imagination of the entire industry.

Atomic Energy Commission (now BARC) was the first to come forward to patronize and accept new product & technology, followed by ONGC, NDDB, MAPP, NAPP, Reliance and many others. He was invited to become a member of Central Boiler Board and to align the Indian code of Boiler Regulation with ISO code for Boilers. Government of Maharastra had invited him to become an adviser to the Ministry to serve the local Boiler Industry. It was however, the overseas market which responded overwhelmingly by assigning destination of hundreds of boilers to Russia, Yugoslavia, South East Asia, South America & Africa.

Achievements : Enriched by experience in innovation and creativity he has conceptualized and achieved the development of products. A few of these are listed below:

    Shell Type Boiler of Capacity 36000 kg/h
    Shell Type Boiler of Pressure upto 42 bar
    Shell Type Boiler with Steam Superheating to 455 C
    Combustion System with Hot Gas Recirculation
    Combustion System with Preheated Air
    Fluidised Bed Combustion System with Coal or Husk in Shell Type Boiler
    Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Diesel Gas, Smelter Gas & Sulfur Furnace Gas

With Dr. Kurien and
Chairman of Amul.
Anand, Gujarat, INDIA.

With Dr. Raja Ramanna and
Dr. Srinivasan, Chairman of BARC.
BARC, Bombay, INDIA.
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