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UNI-Gerate :

UNI Geraete in Germany is known for their innovation & creativity in the field of Fluid flow & Fluid Dynamics having universal application for all types of liquid and gaseous medium under very critical temperature & pressures.

They include Solenoid & pneumatically operated safety shutoff and control valve with sizes ranging from DN 15 to DN 400, pressure upto 200 bar & high temperature depending upon sizes. The valves are suited to variety of liquid and gaseous medium ranging from normal steam to highly corrosive and aggressive fluid. A few specially designed valves form an integral part of Critical Equipment like Gas Turbines for power stations.

For more details, please visit http://www.uni-geraete.de/

Pneumatically operated Valve
size DN 400

Solenoid Valve

Pneumatically operated
valve with actuator

Specially designed Solenoid
valve for Gas Turbine

Butterfly valve with actuator made specially to suit fluid medium at
1000 C.

Gas Train for receiving gas at very high pressure & very high flow rate and delivering down to a very low pressure with filter, highly sensitive lick detecting instrument & in normal or explosion proof construction. Highly explosive gas like Hydrogen is provided with deflagration flame filter.

Butterfly Valve

Regelstrecke - 1 = Gas Train

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