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W. Baelz & Sohn :

W. Baelz & Sohn possesses expertise in the field of optimum utilization of heat in from steam, water, thermal oil or any type of heat carrying medium. Some of their products are highlighted below :

Thermocompressor :
A typical application of an Thermo-compessor or Ejector is that a motive force from a fluid medium like steam is flown at a high velocity through nozzle into an expansion chamber. The velocity head is converted into suction head & used for lifting steam from condensate tank to generate secondary steam supply into the system. Thus thermo-compressive ejection helps to eliminate condensate pump & add secondary steam while saving heat & electricity. Baelz Thermo-compressor provides flow regulation to meet fluctuating demand & supplied with actuator & controls.

Ejectors are also used for creating secondary stream with any other kind of fluid medium like water to water, or steam to water, for supplying hot water.

Thermocompressor with pneumatic actuator

Desuperheater :
A spray type desuperheater is a system of spraying water into superheated steam. The required quantity of water is automatically controlled by actuator. Baelz Desuperheating system offers a complete range of equipment from low pressure to high pressure and small to high flow rate.

Culinary Steam Generator :
Made completely out of stainless steel CSG, provides a pure steam with a extremely low carry over or other impurities & microorganism in the form of practically evaporated distilled water. Used extensively in Diary, Food & Beverage industries, hospital, hotels, laboratories, Baelz Culinary Steam Generator comes with all instrumentation & ancillaries in package construction within capacity of 100 to 15000 kg/h at desired pressure.

For more details, please visit http://www.baelz.com/

Any industry that makes use of process steam will have require equipment, available in the wide range of Baelz products. Here are some of them:

Pneumatically and electrically operated INDUSTRIAL CONTROL VALVES

CONTROLLABLE NOZZLE EJECTORS with electric or pneumatic actuators

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