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For an industry needing heat energy out of fuel combustion, a reliable & efficient combustion system is a great expectation. Elco Kloeckner combustion system stands out as an obvious choice. The burners in Monoblock and Duoblock construction are the show case of latest trend, ground breaking technologies and ready to run with solutions.

Selection of burner & furnace goes together. With Elco Kloeckner burner it is possible to change flame geometry during operation to suit furnace.

Some features of Elco Kloeckner burners are highlighted below:

  • A combination burner handling three fuels like Hydrogen, Natural Gas & Oil can now be made available for simultaneous firing with option of any one individually with low NOx attachments. For more details, please visit http://www.elco-kloeckner.de/

  • Capacity in Monoblock construction ranges from 170 KW to 11200 KW

  • Capacity in Duoblock construction, where blower is separate, ranges from 6000 KW to 42000 KW

  • Duoblock has the possibility of using hot air upto a very high temperature and also having high temperature external fuel gas recirculation facility.

  • A delta head provided at burner mouth is developed to have a low emission for Gas burner.

  • A free-flame burner head without diffuser plate is one step ahead of Delta head technology, where fuel gas is internally re-circulated to evaporate oil droplets & results in intensive mixing of fuel & air before ignition and produce a stable flame. Free flame technology is specially suited to Gas / Oil combination burner.

Delta Head

Monoblock burner

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